Soft, Sophisticated… Sockwell

When I started in the compression stocking business 15 years ago the style and color options were few and far between.  There were some cotton blends, but most were nylon and spandex  in beige and black.  The occasional customer would ask if we had anything fun or fashionable… patterns or stripes.  Back then the answer was “Sorry, no, but we will keep telling our manufacturers what you want.”

To our long-time customers who wanted variety, thank you for your persistence!  Today, there are stripes, patterns and a kaleidoscope of colors available from Rejuvahealth, Vim & Vigr, CEP, Juzo Dream Colors, and our newest line of stylish compression socks…. Sockwell.  The Sockwell designs and colors are comparatively muted and conservative, but convey a sophisticated and stylish edge.  Perhaps most importantly, the Sockwell weave includes luxurious fibers for maximum comfort.  I wore a pair of the Men’s Circulator Stripe on a recent cross-country trip to San Francisco.  They were made from merino wool, bamboo rayon, stretch nylon and spandex.   Beside the great fabric, Sockwells also have a lightly padded sole, arch support, non-binding welt to keep the socks comfortably in place, and a seamless toe closure.

sockwell-socksThe charcoal looked great with a pair of jeans and brown dress shoes.  Even after a five hour flight with my knees under my chin, my legs felt fantastic.  Plus, I discovered an added benefit from the fine wool fabric… my skin didn’t dry out.  When I wear compression stockings made from cotton and/or nylon my legs can get dry and flaky.  That didn’t happen with the Sockwells.  I’m a fan!

Sockwell compression stockings are available for men and women in 15-20 and 20-30mmHg.

Compression Shopping Guide

At BrightLife Direct we give you many different ways to find the compression garment that’s right for you.  You can shop by brandstyle or length, men or womenlow price, and perhaps most importantly… compression level.

Before you begin shopping, you need to know what compression level is appropriate for your condition.  If you already wear stockings, hopefully you know your compression.  If this is is your first time, your doctor or therapist should have told you what compression level you need.  If they have not, our compression guide can help, but this is not a substitution for medical advice.  We highly recommend that you talk to your doctor or health care provider before beginning compression therapy above 20mmHg.

Once you’ve determined the proper compression, you need to decide on the style or length of the garment, that is, a knee high, thigh high or waist high (pantyhose).  Remember the stocking has to cover the area of your body where the problem exists.  If you have an aching varicose vein in your thigh, a knee high isn’t going to help.  If you’re traveling and don’t have any existing venous problems, a knee high should do the job.

Now that you know the compression and style, the rest is easy.  Picking the weave or fabric you prefer and deciding if you want an open or closed toe.

The three main fabric choices are sheer, opaque and ribbed.  Sheers look great, but are just a bit more delicate than other fabrics.  Opaques offer the widest range of prices and sizing options.  Ribbed are very durable.  All three fabrics are usually woven from nylon and spandex.  Opaque and ribbed fabrics are available in cotton, wool, and silver blends.

The toe style does not affect the therapeutic benefit of a compression stocking, and is usually a personal preference. Open toes are great in warm weather, with sandals or flip-flops and if you have problems like corns or hammer toes.

Now it’s time to shop.  Let’s say you need a 20-30mmHg compression thigh high, and want a sheer fabric with a closed toe.  Mouse over Compression Level in the left navigation bar.  Move your cursor to 20-30mmHg, then Thigh Highs, then Sheer.  You’ll see a note at the top of the page that closed toe is standard.

Now let’s look for a 15-20mmHg compression knee high in cotton with an open toe.  Mouse over Compression Level, move your cursor to 15-20mmHg, then Knee High, and then Cotton/Wool.  See the note at the top of the page that cotton blends are closed toe only.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, there are many different ways to search our website for the compression garment you need.  If you have a question or need assistance finding what you want, our trained certified fitters are happy to help at 1-877-545-8585.

Pete@BrightLife Direct