A Comparison of Sheer Compression Stockings

In this update we compare Therafirm Sheer Ease, Allegro Premium Italian Sheers, Allegro Essential Sheers, Juzo Attractive Sheers, Mediven Sheer & Soft, Sigvaris EverSheer and Jobst UltraSheer; the main lines of sheer compression hosiery we sell.  We compare sheerness, knit, construction, color and top band.  To do this, we took a size medium thigh high in a 15-20mmHg compression from each brand in the most skin neutral shade, and put it on a clear leg form in front of a window.  Here’s what we found…..

more-sheers-003Knit and construction were almost identical across the seven brands.  There was no major difference in the construction or size of the foot portion, with the exception of the Allegro Essential Sheers.  This brand has a roomier balloon toe with a seam that runs under the foot between the toes and ball of the foot.  All of the others have a seam running across the end of the toes.  All have a reciprocated heel.  Under a magnifying glass there are differences in the knit, but to the naked eye they look the same, with the exception of the Therafirm which has a less open weave.

We did find a definite difference in the visual sheerness of the stockings.  Sigvaris EverSheer and Allegro Essential Sheers were the clear winners, followed closely by Mediven Sheer & Soft and Allegro Premium Italian Sheers.  Next came Jobst UltraSheer and Juzo Attractive SheersSheer Ease was the least sheer of the group.  For many women, having the sheerest stocking isn’t necessarily an advantage.  The slightly opaque sheers hide skin discolorations, spider veins, and other blemishes while giving the appearance of a sheer stocking.

There wasn’t a huge difference in color.  Again, we chose the nude or natural shade from each brand and placed them in order from lightest to darkest in the photos.  Therafirm nude was the lightest, followed by Allegro Premium nude, Allegro Essential nude, Jobst natural and Sigvaris natural.  Mediven natural was a little darker, and Juzo beige was the darkest.


Where these stockings varied the most, aside from sheerness, was in the design of the top band.  All seven have a lace exterior.  The difference was in the design of the silicone on the inside of the band.  Therafirm and both Allegro’s have two strips of silicone.  Jobst gives you the option of traditional strips of silicone, there are two, or silicone dots.  Juzo and Mediven use a low profile honeycomb design.  Sigvaris uses the Sensinnov band, which is a solid sheet of silicone.  They claim this band won’t slip or roll, is very skin friendly, and won’t cause thigh bulge.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

The Best Socks & Stockings for a Wedding

Wedding Shoes

Men and women wear compression socks and stockings to weddings for a number of reasons. Some of us have to wear compression socks every day, no matter what the occasion. Others prefer to wear compression socks and stockings when they’re on their feet for long periods of time, From cocktail hour to the dance floor, there’s plenty of time spent on your feet at a wedding. Swollen ankles and feet with tired, heavy legs are a common side effect to so much fun. Keep those legs energized, fresh and healthy with our list of recommended socks for men and women at a wedding.

Brides and Bridesmaids

Most likely you’re looking for a sheer stockings and possibly an open toe so that you can wear the perfect peep toe shoes. We recommend going with the one of the sheerest products on the market so they don’t take away from your dress:

  • EverSheer by Sigvaris. This is available in 15-20 mmhg, 20-30 mmhg and 30-40 mmhg with open or closed toe. Added bonus – the thigh high has a pretty sexy top band.
  • Sheer & Soft by Medi. This product is available in 8-15 mmhg, 15-20 mmhg, 20-30 mmhg and 30-40 mmhg with open or closed toe.

Grooms, Groomsmen and Male Guests

Men have it a bit easier since most weddings require trousers that cover up your socks. No need to sacrifice fashion for happy feet, though. Here are our favorite men’s socks for weddings:

  • Sockwell Socks for Men. If you just need a light compression (15-20 mmhg) to keep you dancing all night, check our selection of Sockwell socks. They’re available in Argyle, Stripes, and Geometric patterns.
  • Therafirm CoreSpun Socks – These socks range in compression level from 10-15 mmHg, 15-20 mmhg, 20-30 mmhg and 30-40 mmhg. Plus, they’re available in white, khaki, navy and black to match your pants.
  • Mediven For Men – Available in a classic ribbed pattern and a newer, sleek waffle knit in 15-20 mmhg, 20-30 mmhg and 30-40 mmhg.

Female Guests

As a guest of the wedding, you have more liberty for flare in your sock and stocking choices. If you need a sheer stocking, check the options listed under Bride and Bridesmaids above. If you’re looking for something different (patterns, opaques and more!), check the options below.

  • Sigvaris Allure – Available in thigh highs and pantyhose, these stockings have a stylish diamond knit in the semi-sheer fabric. Perfect to add pizzazz to a little black dress. Available in 15-20 mmhg and 20-30 mmhg.
  • Allegro Microfiber – If you’re looking for a basic opaque stocking at a great price in black (and soon charcoal and wine!), check out the Allegro Microfiber Thigh Highs, which get amazing reviews. Available in 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg.
  • RejuvaHealth – From polka dot sheers to florals, RejuvaHealth has the most stylish patterns in compression stockings. Available in knee highs, thigh highs and pantyhose in 15-20 mmhg and 20-30 mmhg.


Sheer Compression Stocking Color Comparison

When you think of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and espresso, smells and tastes come to mind.  Translating those senses into a color, especially a stocking color that works with your skin tone is not so easy.  We’re here to help.

Jobst, Sigvaris, Juzo and Mediven are the four major manufacturers of compression hosiery in the US.  Each of these companies manufacture a line of sheer compression stockings with a bouquet of creative names to describe essentially the same color.  Example: Nude, is vanilla from Juzo, wheat from Medi, and natural from Sigvaris and Jobst.  Following are color chips, plus a brief description from each line of stockings to help you compare apples to apples, or in this case, espressos to mochas.

Jobst UltraSheer
UltraSheer has the most colors available, although every color isn’t available in all sizes and compressions.  Honey was introduced several years ago as a nude shade for latin and mediterranean skin tones.  In addition to the colors below, Jobst recently brought back Navy and Sun Bronze, a popular suntan color that’s darker than Honey and lighter than Suntan.  UltraSheer stockings are also available with a diamond pattern in black and mocha.

Jobst UltraSheer colorsSigvaris EverSheer
Sigvaris has lead the way with fashion colors.  EverSheer also shows consistent sheerness throughout the stocking.  Many sheers, especially darker colors, show light and dark shading depending on how the fabric is stretched.  This won’t happen with EverSheer.  If you wear thigh highs, you’ll love the Sensinnov top-band on EverSheer.  Instead of stripes or dots of silicone, it’s a flat sheet that is so comfortable and secure, plus it won’t cause thigh bulge.

Sigvaris EverSheer colorsJuzo Naturally Sheer
Naturally Sheer was just introduced last year, so many people aren’t familiar with this line of stockings.  The color chips don’t do it justice.  The fabric itself has a wonderful smooth, snag-resistant finish that feels soft on even the roughest skin.  Of the four, Naturally Sheer has the highest spandex content, and won’t bunch behind knees or over the instep.

Juzo Naturally Sheer colorsMediven Sheer & Soft
When Medi replaced their sheer Radiance line with Sheer & Soft a few years ago, many customers were worried… until they tried it.  Sheer & Soft has been a phenomenal success.  As the name implies the fabric is really sheer and it’s really soft.  Medi’s product images aren’t the best, but among the sheers, Sheer & Soft has some of the highest customer ratings online.

Medi Sheer & Soft colorsPete@BrightLife Direct