Compression Socks For Men With Big Feet

It wasn’t all that long ago, when a 6’ tall man with a size 14 shoe had a hard time finding compression stockings that provided a comfortable fit.  Times have changed.  Now most brands have sizes to fit big feet and tall men.

big-feet-blogThe latest option is from Sigvaris.  They recently launched Midtown Microfiber as a replacement for Men’s Select Comfort.  Available in knee highs and thigh highs, Midtown is made from a great fabric that’s really soft and elastic.  Midtown is available in extended foot sizes in the 15-20 and 20-30mmHg knee highs.  Sizes MX, LX, and XX will will fit a men’s shoe size of 12.5-17.5.  This is the largest foot size available in any ready-to-wear support sock.  The rest of the Midtown line fits a shoe size up to 14.

Jobst has offered Tall sizes in their Jobst for Men and for Men Casual lines for some time.  These sizes fit a men’s shoe over 12, and a lower leg length over 19.75”.  Their newer Ambition line, which we’ve heard will eventually replace Jobst for Men, is available in long lengths to fit a lower leg up to 20”, but no foot size is given.

Other options that will fit a men’s size 14 foot include Mediven for Men Select, Jobst SensiFoot, and Juzo Ribbed Silver Sole.

If your feet are larger than your budget, and you don’t want to spend $50 or more on a pair of socks, check out Allegro’s Premium Italian socks.  The Italian Cotton is available in 15-20 and 20-25 mmHg compressions.   The Italian Wool is 15-20mmHg only.  Both will fit a men’s size 14 foot.  Priced at $20.96 for the 15-20 cotton, and $24.94 for the wool and higher compression cotton.

New, Comfortable Shoes for Summer!

Dr. Comfort Sandals for Men and Women

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning vacations and swap out all of the heavy jackets hanging in your closet for t-shirts and dresses. Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be on those long days in the hot sun with shoes that are rubbing and lots of sightseeing left to do. If you spend a lot of time outside on your feet during the warmer months, Dr. Comfort has your solution: sandals for men and women that are extremely comfortable and padded.

Dr. Comfort was founded in 2002 and makes diabetic footwear that is sold all around the world. With a focus on style, comfort and quality, they have created therapeutic shoes for casual and dress. Dr. Comfort shoes are made with the finest quality and designed with your comfort in mind. These shoes are great for those with diabetes, arthritis, sensitive feet, plantar fasciitis, or for those with swelling in their feet. Dr. Comfort offers slippers, shoes, sandals and more to keep you comfortable during a family outing or a business meeting.

For Women:

Dr. Comfort Women’s Sharon Sandal

Sharon-Black-Shoe-MedThe sophisticated Sharon sandal features exotic textures with beautiful jewels on the top and comes with a removable footbed for custom orthotics. The sole is extremely durable to provide shock absorption. The Sharon sandal is available in Black, Green and Peanut Brittle, in sizes 5-11 with a medium/wide width.

Dr. Comfort Women’s Shannon Sandal

Shannon-Black-MedThese comfortable sandals feature a cushioned footbed, built-in arch support and a dual density midsole. The Shannon sandal also provides shock absorption and helps to keep your feet dry and cool. They come in Red, Black and Camel in sizes 5-11 with a wide width.

Dr. Comfort Women’s Rachel Sandal

Rachel-Black-medFeatures a removable footbed for custom orthotics and a double Velcro closure for comfort and support. This therapeutic shoe has a wraparound strap in the back for support and security. Made with rich, exotic textures out of the finest quality. The Rachel sandal is available in Black and Peanut Brittle in sizes 5-11 with a medium/wide width.

For Men:

Dr. Comfort Men’s Collin Sandal

Collin-Camel-MedThis lightweight, diabetic shoe helps to correct posture as well as alleviate foot and back pain. Features a dual density midsole and cushioned footbed for the support and comfort you need. It comes in Camel, Chocolate and Black in sizes 8-13 with an extra wide width.

Dr. Comfort Men’s Connor Sandal

Connor-Black-MedFeatures a secure Velcro closure, a dual density midsole, a cushioned footbed, built-in arch support and shock absorption. This diabetic sandal is great for those with wide feet or to relieve plantar fasciitis symptoms. Available in Chocolate, Camel and Black in sizes 8-13 with an extra wide width.

Dr. Comfort Men’s Greg Sandal

Greg-Brown-MedThis lightweight sandal features a removable back strap to convert to a slide. The Greg sandal comes with a removable footbed for custom orthotics. Features a dual density midsole and helps to correct posture as well as alleviate pain in your feet, legs and back. Available in Black and Brown in sizes 7-14 with a medium/wide width.

It is extremely important to take care of your feet, especially if you have diabetes, to protect yourself from a future complication. Dr. Comfort is one of the most popular orthopedic shoe brands for a reason. See for yourself why so many people wear Dr. Comfort.

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New Juzo Dynamic Cotton Socks for Men

Men have a great new choice in knee high support socks.  The Juzo Dynamic Men’s Cotton Sock combines many of the features our customers have been asking for in a high-quality and durable stocking.

  • Larger Foot Portion:  The foot on the new Dynamic Cotton is longer and wider to accommodate bigger feet.
  • Two Lengths:  Problems with length are the #1 complaint with ready-to-wear compression stockings.  If the sock is too long it will wrinkle or rolls over, too short and they tug down. Juzo makes it easy to find a size that’s right for you.
  • Cotton with Durability:  Cotton fibers aren’t as strong as nylon, so many cotton blend support socks wear out faster than those made of nylon.  Juzo’s unique weave puts the cotton on the inside as a lining, so you have the soft, breathable fabric next to you skin and the durable Dynamic fabric on the outside.
  • Wider Ribbing: This gives the sock a more contemporary look, making it more versatile.  Dynamic cotton looks great with a suit or pair of jeans.

I’m a huge fan of Jobst Casual Socks for Men.  It’s obvious Juzo studied this sock when designing the Dynamic Cotton.  Since every brand has a slightly different fit and feel, it’s nice to have another wonderfully designed option.

Juzo Dynamic Cotton Socks are available in 3 compression levels: 15-20, 20-30, and 30-40mmHg.  And they come in 4 colors: Black, Brown, Khaki and Navy.

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The Big and Tall Shop

It”s not easy finding ready-to-wear compression stockings that will fit very large legs. Custom stockings are one option, but they can be prohibitively expensive.  Several compression hosiery manufacturers have recently updated their product sizing to fit more individuals with off the shelf sizing.  Here they are.

Juzo recently introduced MAX sizes in their Dynamic (Varin) line of stockings.  MAX sizes are available in 20-30 and 30-40mmHg knee highs and thigh highs with silicone top-bands.  They will fit an ankle circumference up to 14.75″, a calf up to 26″ and a thigh up to 37″.  Dynamic (Varin) stockings are made of a very durable fabric.  They”re available in three colors, in regular and short lengths, with an open or closed toe.

Therafirm has just updated their Core-Spun sizing.  The Full-Calf is now XX-Large, and all of the calf size ranges have been increased to fit larger legs.  Current wearers should double check the new size chart to confirm your size hasn”t changed.

Farrow Hybrid socks are now available in an X-Large to fit a man”s shoe size of 15, and a woman”s 16.  Hybrid socks only provide compression to the foot and are designed to be worn in conjunction with a FarrowWrap legpiece.

If you”re having trouble finding a ready-to-wear compression solution that will fit, give us a call (1-877-545-8585) or send us an email.  We have a network of therapists around the country that can assist with sizing either a custom stocking or alternative compression garment.

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