BrightLife New Year’s Resolutions!

The end of every year is a time for reflection. As we look back, we set new goals for the next year of things we want to change or improve. This year, we asked the BrightLife family what their resolutions are. Take a look:

Resolution 1:

My resolution is to be able to take on leg day at the gym and actually be able to walk the next day…without limping or feeling like my legs are Jello. TheraSport Recovery Socks are the key to success here.


Resolution 2:

It’s time to stop kidding myself. My real resolution is to embrace the amount of time I spend on the internet. Sitting there for hours isn’t as bad if I’m wearing compression socks…right??


Resolution 3:

My resolution is to wear jeans less often! Good thing I can stock up on Allegro sheers & stockings during the January Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale! 🙂

new year resolution joke

Resolution 4:

My resolution is to be more bold and outgoing this year. Check out these hot new colors! I’m really going to stand out at the gym wearing these Sigvaris Performance Calf Sleeves. The compression helps to enhance performance and speed up recovery, so I can lap all the other “Resolutioners” at the gym.

Sigvaris 412 Compression Calf Sleeves - BrightLife Direct

Resolution 5:

My resolution is to stop spending time sorting laundry by color, what’s machine washable vs. hand washable etc. and to start living life on the edge and just throw it all in. Good thing Juzo is machine washable!

New Years Resolution

Resolution 6:

LOSE WEIGHT. But seriously, just need the time/energy. I have the compression!

Calvin and Hobbs

Resolution 7:

Instead of dreading traveling, my resolution is to start looking forward to new adventures. Between the hassle of flying and the stress of driving in traffic, there’s a lot of time spent sitting around. It’s time to start traveling comfortably and in style. These Sockwell compression socks are a must have!

Sockwell On the Spot Compression Socks

Resolution 8:

This year, I’m going to take it upon myself to spend more time in the kitchen and really learn how to cook. Now, this could take all year, so there’s going to be a lot of standing involved. Compression socks anyone?

Funny New Year Resolution

What is your New Year’s resolution? How do you plan to stick to it?

Meet the Staff: Christine

Happy Friday, compression sock fans! Many of you have probably spoken with this wonderful coworker of mine over the phone, but you probably don’t know she dreams of outer-space adventures and organizes our hopeful lottery pool. Check out the profile below of Christine, one of our fabulous customer service and product experts.

Christine's Profile

Check out Christine’s favorite product – the Allegro Swing Sock – on our website, and check back each week to learn more about our amazing staff.


By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

Meet the Staff: Pete


This Thursday is extra special because you get to learn about one of BrightLife Direct’s founders – Pete! Many of you have had the pleasure of speaking with Pete over email or the phone. With fourteen years of compression industry experience – it’s safe to say he has all the answers (about socks, stockings, and armsleeves anyway!).

Petes Profile


Check out Pete’s favorite product, It Stays, on our website and learn about our other staff members each Thursday in our Meet the Staff series.

Meet the Staff: Denise

It’s been such a busy holiday week – especially with our sale on Sigvaris – that we’re a day late with our weekly Meet the Staff feature! A day late, but well worth the wait because this week we’re featuring Denise – a BrightLife staff member who makes ALL of our customers happy by making returns easy.

Meet the Staff: Denise
Check out Denise’s favorite product – the Sigvaris Soft Opaque Pantyhose – and check back next week for more details on the amazing BrightLife Staff.


Meet the BrightLife Staff: Scott

Ever wonder who packed and shipped your socks so quickly or who processed your return?? We thought you might, so every Thursday we feature a profile of one of our dedicated employees.

Today – meet Scott, our Office Manager or as he likes to say “Minister of Support.” Scott makes sure we’re stocked with all kinds of compression goodies and that all of our customers are happy.

Staff_ Scott1


Check back every Thursday to learn more about the BrightLife Direct employees that work with you!