Compression Socks for Arthritis

Arthritis causes pain, swelling, stiffness and limited range of motion. There are hundreds of different types of arthritis that can affect men and women of all ages. Here are some tips for managing arthritis and some products that will help prevent and sooth the pain.

First things first, comfortable shoes are a must. Forget the cute flats with the pointy toes and ditch the heels for shoes with arch support. Invest in shoes that provide shock absorption and stability to keep your ankles from rolling. Shoes with an open toe box help to alleviate pressure. You can also use shoe inserts for comfort and protection. If you have arthritis in your ankles, start wearing shoes that protect your heel and prevent you from rolling your foot inward.

A lot of the time, injury can be a factor in developing arthritis. When you sprain your ankle, the ligaments are stretched. Depending on how bad the strain is, the ligament fibers can be damaged or even completely torn. Ankle fractures may also contribute to arthritis. To prevent ankle pain and injury, take it easy instead of pushing yourself. If you are injured, make sure to rest, apply ice, keep the limb elevated and wear compression socks to reduce swelling. If you do not experience swelling, apply heat to relieve soreness.

Wear ankle braces or compression socks to reduce ankle swelling, joint stiffness and pain. If you have swollen, weak or injured ankles, try wearing an ankle brace or wrap. Choose from top of the line ankle braces and wraps by manufacturers like Therafirm, Juzo, Mediven, Solidea and more to find the best product for your condition. If your arthritis makes it hard for you to get your compression stockings on, consider trying the Sigvaris Select Comfort line. These socks are designed for easy donning, which is ideal for those with arthritis or limited hand strength. Sigvaris Select Comfort includes knee highs, thigh highs and pantyhose for men and women in 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg compression levels. You can also use the Jobst Stocking Donner to get your socks on without the hassle. This is ideal for those who have a hard time bending at the waist or have a hard time getting the sock on their foot. If you have arthritis in other areas of the body, here are some other awesome products for all types of arthritis. The Therall products are very popular because they use heat to provide soothing relief to painful areas.

Try to walk on flat, even ground instead of gravel or sand to avoid ankle pain or injuries. When you are sitting down, keep your feet flat or use a foot rest. Sitting with your feet pointed behind you or crossing them is bad for your ankles because it puts pressure on them, which can cause stiffness and discomfort. It is important to strengthen your ankles with exercises. Use a resistance band to strengthen your shin and foot muscles, which support your ankles for stability. You can also go for a swim to strengthen your ankle muscles without experiencing as much pain. You can also try The Foot Gym, which incorporates seven exercises in one device for foot, ankle and calf strengthening and rehabilitation. This clever device is designed to help you achieve stronger and more stable feet and ankles.


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Gee Your Feet Smell Horrific!

Have you ever found yourself in the same room with a pair of unpleasantly smelly feet?  Yuck.  Were the feet yours? Double yuck.  Make note, BrightLife Direct has socks that will tame even the most odoriferous feet.

Foot odor is created by bacterial toxins that thrive in warm, moist, confined conditions, like sweaty socks.  Did you know there are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet?  More than any other part of your body!  Socks obviously come in direct contact with your feet and the fiber composition of a sock can have a direct effect on foot odor.  Synthetic fibers like nylon and spandex can restrict ventilation making the foot warmer and wetter.  Natural fibers like cotton and wool provide greater air flow, but all compression stockings must have some synthetic fibers to provide the needed compression.

Two great solutions for your little stinkers are our Juzo Silver Sole socks and our new Aetrex Copper Sole socks.  Silver and copper have natural anti-microbial properties that kill off the bacteria at the root of the problem.  Aetrex copper socks are relatively new to BrightLife Direct.  In addition to Aetrex compression, we sell their non-binding cushioned diabetic socks, and their athletic socks with cushioned feet and arch support.

As of this writing we have not received any Aetrex customer reviews, but our staff loves them!

Pete@BrightLife Direct

Next best thing to barefoot…

I would go barefoot all day if I could.  Sadly, that isn’t practical living and working in a large city.  As a business owner, I’m often in dress shoes and a pair of mild compression dress socks.  But on those days when I don’t need to dress up, you’ll find me wearing crew length SmartKnit diabetic socks and a comfortable pair of shoes.  The closest thing to being barefoot this side of flip flops.

There aren’t any seams in a SmartKnit sock so you don’t feel pressure anywhere on your foot or toes.  The halo top is so comfortable, I can’t even feel where the top of the sock is on my leg.

SmartKnits are also incredibly durable.  I started with 4 pair over 6 months ago.  Each pair is worn almost every week, and then machine washed and dried.  The 4 pair still look and feel like new.

One can spend a lot less on a diabetic sock, but for my money nothing is as comfortable or durable as a SmartKnit.

Pete@BrightLife Direct

The Medical Benefits of Mohair Socks

Extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from diabetes, sensitive feet, and eczema

Mohair socks have medical benefits for anyone who suffers from poor circulation, eczema, foot sensitivity, skin ailments, and especially diabetes. This is because mohair has a unique cellular structure that draws moisture and odor away from the skin, keeping feet dry and fresh.  Mohair is coveted for its luxurious, soft natural fibers which prevent chafing and provide protection to keep the skin free from irritation.  Mohair does not have the microscopic scales that are characteristic of wool, so it feels soft and soothing against your skin.

A solution for diabetics

BrightLife Direct has just added the Mohair Diabetic Sock to our Allegro line of stockings.  The leading diabetes organization in South Africa, Diabetes SA, is recommending the mohair sock.  “It’s our considered opinion that the sock is the best sock available in the world for diabetics and we recommend its use to all diabetics without reservation.”

A natural insulator

The mohair fibers, being hollow, act as a natural insulator to one’s feet. This means that when the outside temperature is cool or cold, the fibers will trap & keep in a high percentage of the warmth created by the blood circulation in one’s foot. Similarly, when the outside temperatures are warm or hot, the hollow mohair fibers will keep out & stop any excessive heat from reaching one’s foot, & will prevent feet from overheating.

Soft and yet so strong

The individual mohair fibers are longer and inherently much stronger than cashmere, wool or cotton.  Additionally, we blend bamboo and nylon fibers for increased durability. The Allegro Mohair Diabetic Sock has a very long life span. Machine wash and dry is recommended.  In fact you will get your best fit after the first washing.  The sock turns into a small fuzzy ball after machine drying but magically expands to your foot form and remembers that shape wash after wash.  While the outer sock is smooth, the inner is woven with a terry mesh for added comfort.  In South Africa (where most mohair originates today) mohair socks are typically worn by farmers and laborers who appreciate it’s protective yet soothing qualities.

All year round socks

This means that anyone who suffers from diabetes, thinning of the blood or any other ailments which cause poor blood circulation to the extreme parts of the body will also feel an immediate benefit from wearing mohair socks all year round. In summer & warmer temperatures feet will maintain a comfortable temperature & will not overheat. In winter & colder temperatures one’s feet will become & stay considerably warmer than wearing socks made from wool, cotton or man made fibers, & heat loss from feet will be minimized, thus maintaining a warm & comfortable foot.

History of Mohair

Mohair comes from the Angora goat which originated in Tibet.  The history of mohair and angora goats is long and well documented. It is probably one of the most ancient fiber sources known to man as evidenced by Biblical references that date to approximately 3,500 years ago during the time of Moses.

About 2500 years ago the Angora goats were introduced to the Ankara region of Turkey where they were bred with indigenous goats and thrived.  The Mohair wool was so coveted in the Ottoman Empire that exportation of the goats was deterred by penalty of death.

Beginning in the sixteenth century the Turkish angora goats were bestowed as gifts from the Ottoman Sultans.  The Spanish King Charles V was among the first to receive a small herd of goats.  Soon, European aristocrats and landed gentry of that era sported items made of mohair as a status symbol.

Mohair was introduced to the United States in 1849 when the Sultan of Turkey presented President James Polk with nine of his finest goats.  Today, Texas is the largest producer of mohair in the U.S.

Pete@BrightLife Direct