Next best thing to barefoot…

I would go barefoot all day if I could.  Sadly, that isn’t practical living and working in a large city.  As a business owner, I’m often in dress shoes and a pair of mild compression dress socks.  But on those days when I don’t need to dress up, you’ll find me wearing crew length SmartKnit diabetic socks and a comfortable pair of shoes.  The closest thing to being barefoot this side of flip flops.

There aren’t any seams in a SmartKnit sock so you don’t feel pressure anywhere on your foot or toes.  The halo top is so comfortable, I can’t even feel where the top of the sock is on my leg.

SmartKnits are also incredibly durable.  I started with 4 pair over 6 months ago.  Each pair is worn almost every week, and then machine washed and dried.  The 4 pair still look and feel like new.

One can spend a lot less on a diabetic sock, but for my money nothing is as comfortable or durable as a SmartKnit.

Pete@BrightLife Direct