FarrowWrap ThinGrip… a revolution in alternative compression

In the world of compression alternatives the new “ThinGrip” from Farrow Medical is a revolutionary product.  The fabric is extremely thin and lightweight, with a porous lining that gently grips the skin but also breaths.  Many alternative compression garments are big, bulky and prone to slipping.  ThinGrip doesn’t slip and has a very low profile which means you don’t have to dress to accommodate your compression garment.

Farrow Thin Grip Calf Unit

ThinGrip can be worn without a liner.  This means you stay cooler, the garment is thinner, and it’s easier to don.  ThinGrip still provides a high working compression when you are active, so that it can be used to treat mild, moderate, and even some severe cases of edema.

Why would you wear a FarrowWrap garment  instead of a traditional compression stocking?   Here are a few of the many reasons:

  • Traditional compression stockings are too difficult to put on
  • Compression is needed round-the-clock
  • Your swelling fluctuates significantly throughout the day
  • Skin is too fragile or it’s too painful to pull on a traditional stocking
  • You have a nonstandard limb shape

FarrowWrap ThinGrip is available for the foot, calf, thigh and hand.  Ask your therapist if ThinGrip is right for you.

 Pete@BrightLife Direct