2XU, Definitely Not A Fashion Statement

Originally introduced as women’s basketball back in the early 1900’s, Netball has gone on to become the #1 women’s sport in New Zealand.  Their national team, the Silver Ferns, are currently ranked second in the world.

One of New Zealand’s top players, Maria Tutaia has recently come under fire for wearing 2XU compression sleeves on the court.   Tutaia insists she’s not trying to promote the brand, just play the best game she can.

maria tutaia wearing 2xu compression socks and armsleeve

She told NZ3News,  “I am carrying a few injuries.  I’m there to play the best netball I can, not just for myself but for my team and my region and that for me is wearing compression garments.  Yes it is for a medical reason, I injured my plantar fascia at the Commonwealth Games last year and I’ve had a few Achilles problems.  The compression garments just help the blood flow through in places where it’s hard to flow through.”

You can watch the full interview on NZ 3News.