Best Selling Products of 2014

As another year comes to a close, we tend to look back on the highlights of this past year. Here at BrightLife Direct, we are excited to share some of our major accomplishments of 2014: Our best sellers! Here is a list of all of your favorite products from this past year. Thank you for supporting us, we couldn’t have done it without you all. Happy New Year!!!


Best Selling Sheer Compression

  1. Allegro Sheer Hosiery
  2. Jobst UltraSheer
  3. Medi Sheer & Soft

Best Selling Compression Sock

  1. Allegro Athletic Support Sock
  2. Allegro Ribbed Support Socks
  3. Therafirm Core-Spun Socks

Best Selling Compression Accessory

  1. It Stays – Body Adhesive
  2. Sigvaris Ridged Donning Gloves
  3. Hosiery Mate Revitalizing Washing Solution

Best Selling Diabetic Socks

  1. Jobst Sensifoot
  2. SmartKnit Seamless
  3. Allegro Pillow Soft Diabetic Socks

Best Selling Lymphedema Combined Armsleeves and Gauntlets

  1. Allegro Armsleeve/Gauntlet Combo
  2. Mediven Harmony Armsleeve & Gauntlet
  3. Sigvaris 912 Advance Armsleeve/Gauntlet Combo

Best Selling Athletic Compression Socks

  1. Allegro Athletic Support Sock
  2. Jobst Active Athletic Socks
  3. Allegro Athletic Copper Support Socks

Best Selling High Compression Socks (30-40 mmhg)

  1. Allegro Surgical Knee High
  2. Jobst Relief Knee Highs
  3. Allegro Men’s Super Support Sock

All About The Carolina Copy Cats


The Carolina Copy Cats aren’t your average volunteers! This inspirational group of women travel to nursing homes, senior church groups, retirement communities and more just to spread the joy of music. They lip-sync, sing and dance for senior groups in Charlotte, North Carolina. They also give scholarships to high school students to allow them to further their education in dance. This non-profit organization is made up of women ages 55-102 years old with a passion for entertainment.  They take their audience back to “way back when” with their “copy cat” performances of their favorite songs from classic musicals and timeless tunes by Elvis, Frank Sinatra and more.

It’s not just the music and dancing that “wows” their audiences. The Carolina Copy Cats always look their best on stage with glittering costumes and smiling faces. You would think that traveling from place to place, rehearsals and performances would wear them out, but the Carolina Copy Cats have a secret to their success: compression stockings. These lovely ladies swear by Allegro 8-15mmHg compression pantyhose.

The gradient compression helps to improve blood flow and reduce swelling to keep the stars of the show on their feet. Not only do these pantyhose keep the dancers energized and refreshed, but the dancers look great wearing them too. The event coordinator & official costumer of the group, Lea White says her philosophy is to “Razzle-Dazzle’em!” with sparkles on their eye-catching costumes.

carolina copy cats collage

The Carolina Copy Cats love putting smiles on the faces in the crowd. One time, a man did not want to sit through the show and seemed very unhappy about being wheeled out of his room for it. As the music began to play, he started tapping his foot and moving to the beat. It wasn’t long until the man was singing and dancing along with the Carolina Copy Cats. The real kicker is that this man had been in a nursing home for about two years and had never responded to anything before that. These women gave this man the gift of joy, and to them, that’s what it’s all about.

Check out this video from The Carolina Copy Cats Presents: “Golden Oldies” A Musical Production at the Rock Hill Performance Center last May. For more information or to book or donate to the Carolina Copy Cats visit:


Professional Athletes Love Compression Arm Sleeves

sports armsleeves

Whether you’ve seen compression arm sleeves worn by professional athletes or by someone working out at the gym, it’s hard not to notice the amount of attention arm sleeves have been getting. We have been surrounded with sports stars like LeBron James, Robert Griffin III, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Johnny Manziel, Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade and many more who all famously wear compression garments. Although compression sleeves are usually used to treat medical problems or to help heal after an injury, arm sleeves can be worn regularly to help keep you energized by reducing muscle fatigue, improving circulation, increasing performance, providing protection from injury and can even reduce soreness as well.

With tons of pro athletes such as Robert Griffin III regularly using compression arm sleeves, they are starting to make a fashion statement. When asked why he wears an arm sleeve on his left hand (when he throws with his right), the quarterback claims that it’s not about functionality, it’s about feeling good. As more and more people demand to know why he always wears it, RGIII explains the rituals that him and other players have; “You see we [NFL players] do these things because they make us comfortable. Not to be different. Been wearing a sleeve and glove for 10 years.”

Like RGIII, Allen Iverson was introduced to compression arm sleeves because of an injury, but came to like them so much that he continued to wear them! And conveniently enough, it helped to cover up tattoos that are not allowed in the NBA. Clever right? Thanks to LympheDIVAs and LympheDudes, there are now tons of fun, eye-catching and unique patterns of compression arm sleeves and gloves to choose from. Now you can boost your confidence with fresh compression arm sleeves just like the pros.

Yes, arm sleeves can also keep you warm, but did you know that the Core-Sport Gradient Compression Arm Sleeve, along with a lot of other products sold on BrightLife Direct are antimicrobial to protect your body against bacteria and also helps to eliminate odors. The material the sleeves are made out of actually works to kill bacteria. If you have open wounds, recently had surgery or are more prone to infection, choose items that are antimicrobial or that contain silver in them. Silver is known to have medicinal properties that help speed up the healing process. BrightLife offers products with silver-coated fibers for both men and women.

So there you have it! Arm sleeves can help you recover and improve your performance, while making you look great at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


Standing Desks: How to Prevent Swollen Ankles

Nearly all of this year’s must-have gift lists include the new wave of lifestyle monitoring devices like the Fitbit or Jawbone Up. The goal of these is to make people more aware of their activity, or lack of activity as it may be for most. For years, doctors have told us that we’re suffering for the “sitting disease” with more than 86% of American workers sitting all day at work – adding up to about 13 hours of sitting per day (this doesn’t include how many hours you clock in bed sleeping). That’s a lot of sedentary activity! Unfortunately, most of us are required to be in front of a computer 8 hours a day – and there’s no way to avoid that. So, more and more companies are giving employees the option of standing desks. These are great for a number of reasons – they can relieve back pain, improve your posture and help you burn more calories during the day. But, there are some unfortunate side effects to the standing desk that some people are realizing.

A writer at recently wrote about “The Huge Hidden Downside to Standing Desks” – swollen ankles or cankles. See the image below of her sad ankles after a day at her new standing desk:


Cankles aren’t the only unfortunate side effect to standing desks. We’ve also read articles citing an increase in spider and varicose veins in the legs, as well as leg and foot pain. It makes sense – nurses, waitresses, bartenders, sales people and more (basically anyone who is required to be on their feet all day) have always complained about these issues. Standing puts an incredible amount of pressure on our circulatory system – gravity makes it hard to pump blood back from the feet to the heart which leads to swelling and enlarged veins.

So, to sum this whole thing up – sitting is bad and standing is bad too. What’re we all supposed to do!?

Wear compression socks, of course! If you have the opportunity to use a standing desk, take it. You can get the great health benefits of standing and prevent the side effect by simply wearing support socks or stockings. Compression hosiery relieves the pressure on the circulatory system by promoting healthy circulation. These socks prevent swelling, spider veins and varicose veins. Here are some of our favorites for standing:

Who should NOT wear compression stockings?

Contraindications are situations where a drug, device, or procedure should not be used, because there is a very real possibility it may cause more harm than good.  There are two types of contraindications.

  • Relative Contraindications – are known risks to using a certain drug, device, or procedure, but the benefits of using them may outweigh the risks.  Caution should be used.
  • Absolute Contraindications  – are situations where it is known a drug, device, or procedure will cause great harm, and the benefit of using them does not outweigh the risk.

Compression stockings have contraindications, both absolute and relative.

Absolute contraindications include, ischemia (e.g. advanced arterial disease), uncontrolled congestive heart failure, untreated septic phlebitis, existing DVT and phlegmasia coerulea dolens.

Relative contraindications for compression stockings include, concomitant dermatoses, intolerance to compression stocking fabric, sensory disturbance of the limb, advanced peripheral neuropathy, and primary chronic arthritis.  Some individuals have also reported a feeling of claustrophobia when wearing compression stockings.

If you suffer from a relative contraindication when wearing compression stockings, talk to your doctor to determine if the benefit, outweighs the discomfort.