The Redesigned Mediven for Men

Mediven For Men SelectMediven has reengineered their men’s support socks with very positive results.

I originally reviewed Medi for Men back in August 2010.  I loved the anatomically shaped foot, and incredibly soft fabric.  My one complaint was they slid down right out of the box.  Not a characteristic one looks for in any stocking.

The new redesigned Medi for Men are made from the same luxuriously soft fabric.  Both have an anatomically shaped left and right foot.  The difference is in the top band, which now features a wide soft cuff.  I wore a pair of the 20-30mmHg recently for 12 hours while traveling, and didn’t need to adjust them once the entire trip.  They were exceptionally comfortable and my shoes slipped right on at the end of the flight.

Medi for Men is now available in two patterns.  The Classic Ribbed has subtle contemporary wide ribs, and is available in black, brown, khaki and navy.  The Select has a small waffle-weave pattern that gives the sock a very elegant appearance.  Select is available in gray, black, and tan.   Both come in regular and wide-calf sizes.

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Juzo Soft Spring and Summer 2014 Colors are on the way!

It’s almost that time – time to stock up on the newest Juzo Soft Dream Colors! This year, Juzo is introducing Mango, Strawberry, Orchid and Midnight. They’ve also brought back a customer favorite – Dolphin – and kept two of last season’s colors, Pink and Maize.

Juzo Soft Spring and Summer Colors

All of these colors will be available to purchase as knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, leggings, armsleeves and gauntlets in the coming days.

Remember – all Juzo Dream colors are dyed to order, which means they take a little while longer to get to you. You can expect to receive your plain dream colors and white tie-dye colors after a week. Black tie-dye colors must be dyed twice, so they take longer to make, but they’re made special just for you!

Here are a few outfits from Juzo to get you excited about the newest colors.

Juzo Dream Pantyhose in Mango

Juzo Dream Pantyhose in Mango

Juzo Leggings in Mango

Juzo Leggings in Mango

Juzo Dream Sleeve and Leggings in Midnight

Juzo Dream Sleeve and Leggings in Midnight

Juzo Dream Sleeve in Orchid

Juzo Dream Sleeve in Orchid

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How to get rid of annoying static cling on your stockings

Do your socks ever stick or cling to your pants or trousers? Have you ever stepped out of your car or the subway and realized your dress was wrapped around your body with static cling?

If this is a problem, we recommend trying Mediven Plus. Medi Plus is made with unique Zinc Pyrinthione properties that actually reduce static cling. Additionally, this – some may say magical – element also reduces odor because it is naturally anti-bacterial. So, no stinky feet under your compression socks AND no static cling over it. Does it get any better than that?

Medi Plus is available in black and beige, knee high, thigh high and pantyhose.

What fabrics provide the best containment?

In a recent post, we explained the difference between compression and containment, and the importance of containment when treating edema. In this blog, we’ll discuss some different  options (both custom and ready-to-wear) that provide excellent containment.

Mediven Mondi Esprit Armsleeve 30-40mmHg

Flat knit fabrics provide the highest containment. Flat knit is just as it sounds – a flat piece of fabric that is sewn together with a seam, unlike the circular knit compression garments seen in most stores, which have no seam.  This is the fabric that custom compression stockings and armsleeves are made from.  Custom flat knit stockings are typically prescribed for individuals with large or unusual limb shapes that can’t fit into the ready-to-wear sizes available online or in stores. Custom compression garments are also prescribed for those who have acute or chronic edema or lymphedema.  For upper extremity lymphedema, we do offer one non-custom option in this flat knit fabric – the Medi Mondi Esprit armsleeve. This armsleeve provides the best arm containment and is available in 5 sizes and two lengths.

ReadyWrap Solaris

Another option for high containment, is alternative compression wraps.  These are strips of non-elastic fabric that wrap around your leg, held in place by velcro.  On some brands, like the Juxta line from CircAid, the compression level can be adjusted.  Compression wraps provide dynamic compression, which means they are only working when your muscles are pushing back against the fabric.  This allows them to be worn round-the-clock if necessary.  Other examples of compression wraps are ReadyWrap by Solaris, FarrowWrap, and CompreFit by Biacare.


However, for most people, a ready-to-wear circular knit compression stocking (the type you would buy from us) will provide all the compression and containment necessary to treat your condition.   In the circular knits, there are options that provide a high level of containment.  They are Juzo Dynamic, Sigvaris 500 Rubber Series, and Mediven Forte. Talk to your doctor to see if one of these options are right for you.

Penne with Chicken, Asparagus, Mushrooms and Lemon

pasta with chicken, mushrooms and asparagus

This delicious dinner features asparagus, which is a vegetable packed with nutrients (Vitamins A, C, E and K) and antioxidants. Asparagus is also rich with glutathione, which helps break down harmful carcinogens and helps protect us against certain forms of cancer.

This meal can be completed in 30 minutes or less.  The amounts below make enough for two hearty portions, and enough leftovers for one lunch.  If you want, add some grated Parmesan cheese at the end, but it’s not necessary.

½ box dried Penne pasta
2 chicken cutlets, about ¾ lb.
1 small bunch asparagus
8 fresh cremini or white button mushrooms
1 medium shallot
Juice of ½ lemon
Kosher salt and pepper
Olive oil

Fill a 3-5 quart sauce pan with water, add about 1 t. salt, and heat on high.  Heat a large skillet on medium heat and add 2 T olive oil.

Dry the cutlets with paper towel, season with salt and pepper, and fry until lightly browned on both sides.  About 3-4 minutes per side.  Remove from the pan.

While the chicken is cooking, remove the stems from the mushrooms and cut into ¼” slices.

Break off the woody ends of the asparagus and discard (or save for vegetable stock, along with the mushroom stems).   Cut the asparagus into bite size pieces, about 1 inch.  Mince the shallot.

Add the sliced mushrooms and asparagus to the skillet, season with salt and pepper, and stir occasionally.  If the pan seems dry, add a little more olive oil.  After 3-4 minutes, add the shallots.

Cook the pasta as directed.

When the mushrooms have given up their moisture, and the pan is almost dry, add about ¾ cup pasta water to the pan, stir, and continue to cook.

Cut the chicken into bite size pieces.

Drain the pasta, reserving about ½ cup of the water.

Add the lemon juice to the mushroom, asparagus mixture.  Taste the sauce, and add salt and pepper to taste.  Add the chicken, accumulated juices, and pasta to the pan, stir, and cook for 1 more minute.  If the mixture is dry, add some of the reserved pasta water.

Remove pan from the heat.  Add cheese if desired and/or drizzle with a little more olive oil and serve.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

Ease by Therafirm – First Wear

I recently tried out the new line of compression socks from Therafirm – Ease. Ease has been touted as an extension of the extremely popular Core-Spun line, made with the same technology that allows Core-Spun socks to be super stretchy and easy to pull on. And, they’re not lying. I tried the 20-30 mmhg knee high sock, and despite it’s small appearance coming out of the box, this sock STRETCHES! Using the proper technique to don compression socks (of course!), I was able to pull on this sock in a matter of seconds.

Ease by Therafirm Review

A few features I really like:

  • Top Band - Easy by TherafirmThe sock has a nice wide top band that’s even stretchier than the rest of the sock, which means it wasn’t cutting into my skin all day long AND it stayed in place.
  • The sock comes in Petite and Long sizes – I have a pretty long leg and sometimes find one-length-fits-all products won’t fit my long calf. The Medium Long fit perfectly. I believe the same will go for petite customers who need something a bit shorter than the standard size.
  • I love the balloon toe – having slightly larger feet than the average lady, I really appreciate a balloon toe that doesn’t put pressure on my toes
  • Durable heel pocket that provides a nearly custom fit around the foot

The only real draw back I found with the knee high socks was a lack of texture. These socks are opaque and smooth. The texture will be great as thigh highs and pantyhose, though, and I’ll definitely wear these socks under boots. It’s just my personal preference for trouser socks to have a bit of a pattern or ribbing in the fabric.

A review we received from a customer in Florida echoes some of my thoughts:

“These are so comfortable right out of the package! No ankle crinkles or strangling behind my knees. I’m 5 ft. 180 lbs and ordered the medium short. I’m ordering more pairs right now!”

So – if you’re tired of fighting to get your compression socks, thigh highs or pantyhose on, I definitely recommend trying Ease.

This Friday, March 14th, we’ll be running a giveaway on these products through our Facebook page, so don’t miss your chance to try these socks for free!

New – Juzo Soft 15-20 mmhg Pantyhose

Juzo Soft 2000 Pantyhose 15-20mmHg beigeYou asked for them, and Juzo delivered! We just added Juzo Soft Pantyhose with 15-20 mmhg of graduated compression. If you love the Juzo Soft Leggings in this mild compression, you’re going to obsess over the pantyhose version.

Juzo Soft stockings come in Regular, Short and Petite Lengths, for a perfect fit no matter your height. We offer closed and open toe options as well.

Available right now in Black and Beige – exciting Spring & Summer Dream Colors coming soon!

Your chance to win $5,000 dollars from Juzo

Juzo Keep Moving ContestDid you know that March is Lymphedema Awareness Month? Lymphedema is a condition that affects approximately 1 million Americans and almost 100 million men and women worldwide (Source). People affected by lymphedema have lymph fluid collecting in certain parts of their body, frequently their arms and legs, which causes severe swelling, discomfort, loss of mobility and more. Lymphedema can be an inherited condition, but also appears when the lymphatic system is damaged by injury, surgery, and radiation treatment. Compression garments are important tools in the treatment of lymphedema.

One of our amazing brands of compression products – Juzo – is doing a great deal this month to bring positive attention to this condition. During Lymphedema Awareness Month, Juzo is running the Keep Moving Movement. The movement is designed to create an inspiring community filled with uplifting stories and journeys from Lymphedema patients as well as those with circulation, swelling and other venous conditions. Juzo is asking men and women who are affected by lymphedema to share their stories on Facebook for a chance to win five thousand dollars! At the end of the month, three winners will be selected to win the cash prize.

Here’s how you can get involved and enter to win the grand prize of $5,000.00:

  • LIKE” Juzo on Facebook. Visit
  • INSPIRE others by posting a single photo of yourself. In the caption of this photo, briefly SHARE how compression garments have helped you Keep Moving. In order for your entry to be eligible, it must mention how compression garments keep you moving.
  • GATHER your friends and family to “Like” your story and encourage them to inspire others by sharing your Keep Moving Journey.
  • The Top 10 entries with the most “Likes” will become the ten finalists.
  • The Grand Prize Winner, Second and Third Place Winners will be selected from the ten finalists by a panel of Juzo judges based on who shares the most inspiring story.
  • The contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, Washington, D.C., and 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada.
  • Contest runs from March 1, 2014 at 9:00 am ET to 5:00pm ET on Monday, March 31, 2014.
  • And the Winner isThe three Winners will be announced on the Juzo Facebook Page on Monday, April 7, 2014. 

This contest ends at 5:00pm EST on Monday, March 31, 2014, so get posting!

For more details, visit