Compression Thigh Highs for Large Legs

Have you ever put on compression thigh highs that are just too small? The fabric won’t stretch. They’re impossible to pull over your knees. They roll down so that you’re constantly yanking them back up into place. They’re just unbearably uncomfortable.

Well, our team at BrightLife strives to find socks and hosiery for every size leg.  We’ve compiled a list of great options for anyone with a larger thigh, so you don’t have to hunt for them. As always, our certified fitters can help you choose the right size for your legs – you can reach them at 1-877-545-8585 (toll-free).


Allegro Sheers

Allegro Sheer Support

15- 20 mmHg

20 – 30 mmHg

Fits a thigh circumference up to 36” (91 cm). These thigh highs are a customer favorite for the affordable price and great quality – check the reviews! They come in five different colors.




Medi SheerMedi Sheer & Soft

15-20 mmHg

20-30 mmHg

30-40 mmHg

Fits a thigh circumference up to 34.25” (87 cm). These thigh highs are extremely comfortable and come in five different colors.  They even feature a lace silicone top band to keep the stockings comfortably in place.



medi comfortMedi Comfort

15-20 mmHg

20-30 mmHg

30-40 mmHg

Fits a thigh circumference up to 34.25” (87 cm). These thigh highs are available in ebony or natural and feature a beaded silicone top band –  great for individuals with sensitive skin. High-tech fabric construction promises to keep legs cool and comfortable.



medi comfort with laceMedi Comfort With Lace

15-20 mmHg

20-30 mmHg

30-40 mmHg

Fits a thigh circumference up to 34.25” (87 cm). These thigh highs have all the great features of the Medi Comfort but with an added lacy trim for those looking for a little extra style.



Medi PlusMedi Plus

20-30 mmHg

30-40 mmHg

Fits a thigh circumference up to 34.25” (87 cm). These opaque thigh highs are designed for men and women, great for concealing scarring, varicose veins or blemishes on the leg.  Though they only come in beige, these stockings have closed or open toe options and regular and petite sizing. For anyone who wants the Medi comfort and quality without the lace – these are your stockings.



Juzo Varin

Juzo Varin 

20-30 mmHg

30-40 mmHg

Fits a thigh circumference up to 37” (94 cm). Available in beige, black or chestnut, these soft, stretch thigh highs are incredibly durable and comfortable. Depending on your height, you can order these thigh highs in short or regular sizing. They are also available with an open or closed toe.




Allegro SurgicalAllegro Surgical

20-30 mmHg

Fits a thigh circumference up to 34” (86 cm). These unisex thigh highs come in beige or black and open or closed toe. Made with surgical weight fabric – these thigh highs are two to three times less expensive than similar name brand products.




If ready-to-wear thigh highs just won’t fit your legs – check out these compression alternatives:


FarrowWrap ThighFarrowWrap Classic

FarrowWrap Thigh

FarrowWrap Leg

The FarrowWrap system is a great alternative for full-leg compression. FarrowWrap pieces provide a wider range of compression than traditional thigh highs. When active, the pieces provide a higher working compression and when you are stationary, they provide a comfortable resting compression. These wraps also eliminate the trouble of pulling a stocking over the foot and up the leg.

For full-leg compression, you should purchase both a thigh piece and a lower leg piece. You can also purchase a FarrowWrap foot piece to complete the system. Farrow has several different versions of this great product:

  • Basic: FarrowWrap Basic is an economical version of the Wrap system. It can be machine washed and dried and provides moderate to strong compression.
  • Lite: FarrowWrap Lite provides mild to moderate compression. Must be hand washed.
  • Classic: FarrowWrap Classic is designed for moderate to severe leg swelling. Must be hand washed.
  • Strong: FarrowWrap Strong is designed for moderate to severe leg swelling. It can be machine washed and dried.



This durable and light-weight wrap fits easily under most clothing and eliminates the stress of pulling on traditional compression thigh highs. The non-elastic straps provide 30-40mmHg active compression, with a lower resting compression. It can be combined with the calf unit for full leg compression and is appropriate for day and night wear. Calf units are available in two different versions:

  • BK: Provides 30-40 mmHg of active compression with a lower resting compression, like the thigh piece. Includes a pair of seamless cotton liners.
  • BK Plus: The Plus line includes all of the great BK features but also has a high density, low profile foam liner. This soft foam evenly distributes the compression and is great for use on granulation tissue.


By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

The New Jobst Sport Socks – First Wearing


I wore the new unisex Jobst Sport Socks for the first time yesterday: 15-20mmHg compression, size medium, black/gray.

Out of the box the socks look short, but there was plenty of stretch in the length to fit my leg (18”).  Someone with a longer than average leg (over 19.5”) wearing a size medium might find that they tug down a bit during the day.  I had to pull them up once during 10 hours of wear.

The foot portion is a new design for Jobst and gets two thumbs up.  The heel is reciprocated, but designed in such a way that it will easily accommodate a wide range of foot sizes.  The toe seam was non-existent, and the sole is lightly padded.  The fabric on top of the foot, over the in-step, and up the calf is thinner and very elastic.  

The top band is a different weave than the rest of the sock.  It’s lightly ribbed on the outside, and completely smooth inside…very soft.  All the stretch in the band is horizontal, so there’s no constriction around the top of the calf.

I didn’t get to go for a run yesterday, but did take a long walk at lunch.  DC was in the mid-90’s and my feet stayed completely dry.

Overall I love this sock.  For most of the day I never thought about them, which for me, is the sign of a very comfortable compression stocking.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

Compression Socks for Every Reason!

calvin's socks don't match

While Calvin may not see a reason for changing his socks depending on his outfit or activity, we believe differently. You probably won’t be comfortable wearing the Juzo Emerald Green leggings you wore to work on your run later today. Likewise – for you men – your Jobst trouser socks won’t be comfortable on the tennis court.  So, what should you be wearing when you’re working out, playing tennis, or going for a run? This week we’re introducing a new product from Jobst that should meet all of your sport sock needs. 

The new Jobst Sport Sock has all of the compression features we expect from our best-selling brand. It comes in two compression levels (15-20mmHg and 20-30mmHg) which will make sure to keep blood flowing through your legs and feet during intense activity. Additionally, it’s been specially designed for comfort and utility during physical activities. Like your favorite sport shirts, these socks will wick away moisture to keep your legs and feet dry and fresh. Carbon fibers even promise to help control order, so say goodbye to stinky sport feet!

Finally, extra padding has been added to the foot and achilles to absorb impact and ensure comfort whether you’re jumping, sprinting, walking or biking. Sounds like the perfect sock for any sport activity to me!

By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

Brita is BrightLife Direct’s new Digital Marketing Manager. A recent MBA graduate from Georgetown University, she’s looking forward to engaging with BrightLife’s fantastic customer base and learning more about the far-reaching benefits of compression products.

Image courtesy of Calvin & Hobbes: The Search Engine

Do you know about the Therafirm brand?

Therafirm is a brand of USA-made compression hosiery that was developed by Parke Davis back in the early 1950’s.  This was about the same time that the iconic “Supp-hose” brand became a household-name.  Therafirm has changed owners several times over the past five decades, and was most recently purchased by Knit-Rite, Inc. in 2000.  BrightLife Direct actually began as an offshoot of Therafirm right before it was purchased.

Located in Kansas City, KS,  Knit-Rite set a goal of modernizing the brand, and improving the quality of it’s products.  Knit-Rite brings almost a century of manufacturing experience to the new Therafirm, and the brand has been ascending ever since.

Knit-Rite invested heavily in people, production capacity, quality control systems, and product development.  In fact, the grand opening of their new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Carolina was just this past June.


Therafirm offers an extensive line of support stockings for both men and women.  Their Core-Spun support stockings (which can accommodated calf sizes up to 25 1/2″) and SmartKnit diabetic socks are perennial best-sellers.  BrightLife Direct is very happy to again carry the complete Therafirm line.

Here’s a peek inside their new manufacturing facility.  The most sophisticated (and expensive!) knitting machinery in the world, turning nylon and spandex into compression stockings.

inside therafirm factoryBy: Pete@BrightLife Direct