Can you wear compression stockings at night?

The short answer is no, at least for high compression garments over 30mmHg, unless you have been instructed to do so by your doctor. Lighter compression garments like anti-embolism stockings can be worn at night, as well as mild compression of 8-15mmHg.  If you need compression round the clock, your doctor or therapist will probably recommend a different type of compression garment when you sleep, like bandaging or a nightwear garment.

Short stretch bandaging or wrapping is often worn at night by individuals who have lymphedema or chronic edema.  This type of compression is very mild when resting.  The bandage only provides resistance and significant compression when the underlying muscles are active and pushing against the bandage.

Tribute by Solaris Medical is specifically designed for nighttime wear.  Tribute garments can be worn on any part of the body and each garment is custom made.  The outer layer is made of a stretchy fabric that provides compression.  The interior is filled with foam chips that gently massage the tissues while you sleep, which helps release interstitial fluids and reduce swelling.  Tribute garments are very comfortable so they won’t interfere with your sleep, and the fabric is specially treated to remove moisture and help keep you cool.

BiaCare makes a similar line of nighttime garments.  Their foam and chip sleeves can be worn at night.  Both are available in ready-to-wear sizes and custom.  In combination with  an oversleeve, the foam sleeve provides 10-15mmHg and the chip 15-20mmHg.

Biacare’s CompreFit system for legs, can also be worn at night.  CompreFit mimics the compression of short stretch bandaging, but is much easier to put on and take off.  The calf unit, which includes a boot for the foot, provides compression up to the knee.  A thigh unit can be added to provide compression from foot to groin.

Similarly, Circaid JuxtaFit and JuxtaLite products can be worn round the clock.

Before beginning any nighttime compression regimen, be sure to consult with your doctor or therapist.

Pete@BrightLife Direct

4 New economical support socks for women – buy 3, get 1 free

From Allegro Women’s Compression Hosiery, four new support sock styles for Women.  Microfiber for a cool, silky touch in great year-round colors plus new “chain” and “zigzag” patterns.  Over-the-calf in mild, moderate, and firm compressions.

Try all four.  Buy 3 and get a 4th pair free during the Allegro Summer sale through July 30, 2012.  (Online you can only mix sizes and colors.  To mix different Allegro styles, please order by phone: 1-877-5454-8585).

Our best selling moderate compression Ladies Trouser Sock #110 is now available as the style #106 with even more graduated compression.  The new style 106 is made from the same lightweight fabric, with comfort heel and balloon toe… just a little more”oomph”.

We’ve added Style #247, a new moderate compression knee high to our HopSox line.  These microfiber knee highs are so soft and easy to don.  A perfect summer travel sock available in black, white, navy and sand.

Patterns are big this year, so we’ve added two women’s patterned socks.  Style #246 is a chain pattern and provides 8-15mmHg compression to energize your legs and help with very mild swelling.  Style #248 is a moderate 15-20mmHg and has a beautiful zig-zag pattern.  Both are available in black, navy, and sand.

I almost forget! We’ve also added new “wide calf” sizes to our women’s sheer knee highs!  Both the Style #16  (15-20mmHg) and Style #18 (20-30mmHg) to fit more muscular-sized legs.

Allegro HopSox Chain Pattern #246

What are those white stockings they put on my legs in the hospital?

Anti-embolism stockings, often referred to as TED’s, are a type of compression garment used in medical settings to prevent blood clots in patients who are generally immobile.  If your body isn’t moving much, particularly after surgery, there is an increased risk of clotting.  Anti-Embolism stockings (Anti-Ems) are distinctive because they are white and have an “inspection hole” over or under the toes.  The hole is there so a Doctor can easily look at your feet and toes to see if the color indicates a healthy blood flow.  You do not wear Anti-Ems with your toes through the hole like you would with regular”open-toe” stockings.  Anti-Ems can be either knee-high or thigh-high in length. They have a compression standard, set by the Sigal Study in 1975, of 18 mmHg at the ankle and gradually decreasing to 8mmHg at the top.

Patients are often advised to continue wearing these stockings for a few weeks after being released from the hospital.  Because their compression level is only moderately firm they are easy to wear and feel good.  In fact, many customers come to us looking for replacements.  BrightLife Direct does sell Anti-Embolism stockings but we usually advise customers to switch to a similar compression (15-20mmHg) in a stocking that does not make you look like you’ve just been flat on your back in recovery.  We sell many styles of knee-high or thigh-high stockings in 15-20mmHg compression that look identical to everyday hosiery or socks.  These provide the same benefit as Anti-Ems but blend in well with your normal attire.

Pete@BrightLife Direct