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It”s not easy finding ready-to-wear compression stockings that will fit very large legs. Custom stockings are one option, but they can be prohibitively expensive.  Several compression hosiery manufacturers have recently updated their product sizing to fit more individuals with off the shelf sizing.  Here they are.

Juzo recently introduced MAX sizes in their Dynamic (Varin) line of stockings.  MAX sizes are available in 20-30 and 30-40mmHg knee highs and thigh highs with silicone top-bands.  They will fit an ankle circumference up to 14.75″, a calf up to 26″ and a thigh up to 37″.  Dynamic (Varin) stockings are made of a very durable fabric.  They”re available in three colors, in regular and short lengths, with an open or closed toe.

Therafirm has just updated their Core-Spun sizing.  The Full-Calf is now XX-Large, and all of the calf size ranges have been increased to fit larger legs.  Current wearers should double check the new size chart to confirm your size hasn”t changed.

Farrow Hybrid socks are now available in an X-Large to fit a man”s shoe size of 15, and a woman”s 16.  Hybrid socks only provide compression to the foot and are designed to be worn in conjunction with a FarrowWrap legpiece.

If you”re having trouble finding a ready-to-wear compression solution that will fit, give us a call (1-877-545-8585) or send us an email.  We have a network of therapists around the country that can assist with sizing either a custom stocking or alternative compression garment.

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Does travel insurance make sense for you?

Planning an international trip is usually filled with joy and excitement.  Thoughts of dealing with a medical emergency are a real buzz kill when you’re dreaming of exotic tropical beaches.  But emergencies do happen, and if planned for in advance, can be far less disruptive and costly.

An article in The Washington Post provided a number of resources for very reasonably priced comprehensive travel insurance.  Plans are available for a set annual fee, or percentage of the trip cost.  They will reimburse you for prepaid travel costs if you miss your cruise because of a flight delay, or have to stay home to care for a sick relative.  Break your ankle walking the cobblestone streets of ancient Rome… you’re covered.  Basic insurance plans that only cover medical expenses, or just trip cancellation are also available.

So when you’re planning that next big trip, don’t forget the travel insurance and don’t forget your travel socks.  They’re like insurance for your legs, protecting against DVT’s (deep vein thrombosis).

BrightLife Direct is not in the travel insurance business, and is providing this information because we thought it was valuable.

Pete@BrightLife Direct