Sigvaris Skin & Foot Cream

I wash my hands a lot, especially when cooking, so the skin on my hands is usually very dry.   A small patch of eczema on one knuckle won’t go away, even with a steroid cream, and the skin is often cracked and sore.   In addition to the steroid cream, I use hand lotion multiple times per day.

In a casual conversation with our Sigvaris sales rep I mentioned how rough and dry my hands get.  He told me about their new cream, and sent me a sample to try.  It sat on my desk for several weeks while I finished a tube of Aveeno hand cream for Eczema, which didn’t work that well.  The first time I tried the Sigvaris cream I was a little disappointed, because it is greasy.  I’ve since found that you really need to rub it into the skin, then wait for 5 minutes or so for the best results.

After two days of using the cream twice a day, there was a noticeable improvement in the condition of my knuckle with the eczema.  The skin on my hands was very soft.  After five days, my knuckle was almost completely healed.

I am not saying that Sigvaris Skin & Foot Cream is a cure for eczema, but it has made a noticeable difference for me.

Pete@BrightLife Direct