Ai Miyazato Wins ShopRite LPGA Classic in Compression Socks!

Ai Miyazato who turned 25 on Saturday, won the ShopRite LPGA Classic on Sunday and is now the #1 ranked female golfer in the world according to the Rolex Rankings released today.  And she did it wearing compression socks!

At any age, and in any weather, compression socks can improve your performance.

From an interview done yesterday with (to read the full interview, click here)

Q. I’m sure you get asked this all the time. The socks, are they comfortable? Were they comfortable today in 100 degree heat? Is that your trademark? Sometimes golfers have their look.
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah. It was pretty hot today. I thought maybe I got wrong message today. But these are compression socks as well, so it helps my muscles, and you won’t get tired towards the end of the round. So it helps me a lot and (through interpreter) and if they can become my trademark, that would be great, too.

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